What is needed to drive a rental car in Mexico?

Renting a car during your next trip to Mexico will be one of your best investments, since it allows you to be in control of the route to take, without depending on schedules or waiting for public transport, touring the destination at your own pace and making the most of your vacation.

But is it complicated to rent a car in Mexico? What are the requirements to rent a car? In reality, renting a car is easy, fast and safe, as well as being a cheaper option than many might imagine.

The requirements to rent a car in Mexico are:

  1. Identification (INE or Passport)
  2. Current driver's license
  3. Credit card

The credit card is a fundamental requirement in any serious car rental company, since it is used as a guarantee for the rented vehicle.

And how much is the guarantee to rent a car in Mexico?

The guarantee varies according to the lessor and the type of vehicle that has been chosen. At Deal Mobility Rent a Car, the guarantee is equivalent to 10% of the total value of the car. Remember that, even when you include damage and theft insurance in your reservation, the user is only responsible for 10% of the commercial value of the vehicle. That is, if you have rented a Chevrolet beat, with a commercial value of $8,000 USD, you will need a credit card with $800 USD as guarantee. This amount is only blocked and released at the end of the contract.

Only in case of theft or road accidents that cause damage to the vehicle, is when the guarantee is taken to cover the costs of the damage caused.

But responsible drivers should not worry about this, since as long as you drive properly you will minimize the risks of accidents or road accidents. Also, if you apply some security measures to protect the vehicle, you can avoid being a victim of crime.

Remember that to rent a car in Mexico and travel without any worries, it is best to include theft protection insurance (THW) and collision and damage insurance (CDW). To make things easier for you, Deal Mobility Rent a Car allows you to choose 3 insurance package options: Basic, Medium and Premium. With the Basic insurance package, it will not be necessary to pay additional charges when you check-in at the office, but if you want to travel even more protected, we recommend purchasing a medium or Premium package.